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Flexible Thumb Splint
Flexible Thumb Splint
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Flexible Thumb Splint

Item# 851IPUMM

This splint limits range of motion.


  • Limits range of motion
  • Immobilizes CMC and MP joints
  • Allows performance of routine tasks
  • Beneficial for arthritis
  • Lining alleviates skin irritations, allows skin to ventilate, increases circulation and provides long-term comfort
  • Left thumb
  • Available in various sizes
Sizes (measure evenly around wrist joint):
Small (4¾in - 6¼in)
Medium ((6½in - (7½in)
Large (7¾in - 9in)
2/2/2012 9:24:23 PM
Question: I have De Quervains syndrome and my current brace has a metal rod that sits right on the tendon area. So, even though it immobilizes my thumb fine, it causes me more pain. Would your Flexible Thumb Splint 851IPUMM work for me How is the thumb immobilized?

There is no information supporting that the flexible thumb sprint would be sufficient support for your condition, however the Superior Wrist Thumb Spica is specifically noted for treatment of your specific condition.

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