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Dual Lead Rectangular Electrodes Iontophoresis Devices & Electrodes id3 Ionto plus Large Electrode

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id3 Ionto plus Butterfly Electrode

Item# 711IANMM

id3 Ionto plus Butterfly Electrode


  • 3.375"x3.75"
  • Greater adhesive area eliminates pad movement
  • Unique Silver-Silver Chloride conductor (superior to carbon)
  • Higher Conduction=More Drug Delivery
  • Buffering agents for additional pH stabilization
  • Synthetic Gel offers better adhesion than Karaya
  • Provides maximum current dispersion
  • Increases patient comfort level
  • Synthetic Buffering provides consistent pH balancing
  • Helps prevent the effects of hydrolysis
  • No water needed to activate the adhesive
  • No chance of contamination by water
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