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Flexible Shoulder Wrap Shoulder Immobilizer Large, Female Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer

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Large Shoulder Abduction Pillow w/ Harness

Item# 89184180BRCN

Large shoulder abduction pillow with harness


  • Opposite shoulder support
  • Functional hand and arm support
  • Elevates arm
  • Harness style accommodates easy  application and adjustability
  • Choice of 45 degree or 80 degree abduction
  • Lightweight foam
  • Universal left or right
  • Latex free
4/1/2010 4:11:15 PM
Question: My question is not on this item but what kind of pillow or wedge would be good to use in bed after rotary cuff surgery. Heard people have to sleep on recliners and not sure I can do that and wondering what kind of bed item may work so I can sleep in bed. Thanks

Thank you for your inquiry.  You may wish to consider one of the following products:

Before making a selection, please consult with your doctor or chiropractor.

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