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PALS Platinum Electrode - Round PALS Platinum Electrodes Pals Platinum Foam Electrode, 2in x 3.5in, Rectangle

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Pals Platinum Electrode 2-3/4in Round

Item# RI3201EXAMM

Pals Platinum Electrode 2-3/4in Round


  • 2-3/4in, round
  • Self-adhering, reusable, neurostimulation electrodes
  • Combines a patented, stainless-steel, knit fabric and gel construction with an exclusive impedance compensation system
  • Designed for all FES and TENS applications
  • Achieves optimal current and maximizes conformity
  • Proprietary lead wire technology
  • Each wire contains more than 1,000 strands of stainless steel as current carrier
  • Four per pack
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