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Polar Ice - Mini, 6in x 6in (4-PK) Cold & Ice Packs Pro-Temp Cold Pack
Polar Ice
Polar Ice
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Polar Ice Warm or Cold Compressor Pack

Item# 811ISPMM

This polar ice pack is for cold or warm compressors.


  • For cold or warm compresses
  • Freeze and use as a long-lasting pack
  • May be contoured to the body when frozen
  • Designed to allow ice crystals to form within the pack while it is in the freezer
  • Enhances the deep tissue cooling efficiency during application to the body
  • Heat in water or water-covered in microwave
  • Nontoxic, non caustic and reusable


  • Regular size: 6in x 12in
  • 6 per pack
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