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Portable Electrotherapy Basic Unit
Portable Electrotherapy Basic Unit
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Portable Electrotherapy Basic Unit

Item# 01777CHT

For muscle re-education, increasing range of motion, and increasing circulation. This unit treats multiple patient needs from pain management to the prevention of retardation of disuse muscle atrophy.


  • Lead wires
  • Powered by 9V battery
  • Self-adhesive electrodes
  • Carrying case
  • Dual, independent channels
  • Adjustable frequency and pulse duration parameters 
  • 3 Stimulation modes (burst, normal, modulation)


  • Channel: dual, isolated
  • Waveform: asymmetric biphasic square pulse
  • Pulse amplitude: 0-80 mA each channel adjustable (500 ohm load)
  • Pulse width: 60 - 250 sec adjustable
  • Pulse frequency: 2-150 Hz adjustable
  • Product dimensions: 2.4in W x 1.2in D x 3.6in H
  • Product weight: 4.4 oz
  • HCPCS codes: E0720, E0730 

*For professional use or by Rx prescriptions only. Fax prescriptions to (713) 706-4161.

Manufacturers warranty: 1 year

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