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Pad for Aqua Relief System Hot & Cold Therapy Equipment Stainless Steel Bottle Warmer

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Shoulder Cryo Cuff with Cooler

Item# 531RIAMM

Combining the therapeutic benefits of controlled compression and cold, the Shoulder Cryo/Cuff minimizes edma, hematoma, hemarthrosis, swelling, and pain. The anatomically designed cuff provides complete shoulder coverage for optimum treatment.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Anatomic cuff design for complete coverage of affected area
  • Measured compression for patient comfort
  • Controlled cold eliminates the risk of tissue damage
  • Detachable cooler allows for uninterrupted treatment
  • Expanded coverage with extra long strap


  • Trauma
  • Post-op treatment
  • Rehabilitation

*Product includes standard shoulder cuff and cooler

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