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Soft Touch Post Op Shoe - Women's Medium 6.5 - 8 Post Surgical Shoes Ultimate Cast Shoe
Softie Post Surgical Shoe, Mens
Softie Post Surgical Shoe, Mens
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Softie Post Surgical Shoe, Mens

Item# 801RADMM

  • Designed for use after soft tissue procedures, post-trauma, and with the geriatric and insensitive foot
  • Upper is made of a cotton/polyester blend that conforms to bony abnormalities of the foot and provides cool comfort for your patients
  • Semi-rigid sole permits enough flexibility to promote healing and provides optimum shock absorption
  • Available in Black
4/7/2009 11:30:30 AM
Question: Is this shoe snickers like soles and does it have arch support inside?. I am looking for a soft bottom. I had toe surgery and still in a lot of pain and discomfort. thank you


We would recommend something like our Deluxe Female Post-Op Shoe.  This shoe features a unique rubber outer sole for shock absorption and assists in maintaining normal gait.

The padded heel also allows for greater comfort while ambulating.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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