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Super Compressed Bed Wedge Cushion
Super Compressed Bed Wedge Cushion
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Super Compressed Bed Wedge Cushion


This bed wedge offers ideal comfort and positioning for those suffering from acid reflux, joint pain, back aches, and other ailments.


  • Proper positioning also improves breathing and can help reduce snoring
  • Read, watch TV or just relax in comfort with this bed wedge cushion
  • Premium foam cushions with unique compressed packaging maximize shelf space and are easier to store and ship
  • When opened, they expand to offer complete pressure relief
  • Multi-position, elevates upper body or legs
  • Promotes a comfortable night's sleep
  • Ideal for neck, shoulder or back pain
  • Aids in the relief of acid reflux and snoring
  • Relieves respiratory discomfort and promotes ease of breathing
  • Precision cut high-density foam
  • Removable, machine-washable, low-shear spandex cover
  • Super compressed packaging


  • Top to bottom : 24in
  • Side to side: 20in
  • Base: 8in

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