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BandIt Tennis Elbow Support
BandIt Tennis Elbow Support
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Tennis Elbow Support

Item# 001ORPMM

This elbow support is medically designed to relieve tennis, elbow and other forms of forearm and wrist pain.


  • Unique, nonconstrictive design consisting of two soft-plastic plates curved to the shape of the forearm
  • Plates feature soft, cushioned neoprene on the inside, which rests against the skin
  • Plates are held together by a single piece of hook-and-loop webbing strap, which is attached to the plates with a metal pin
  • Medically designed to work with the human anatomy to aid in the relief and prevention of pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs), tendonitis and tennis elbow pain
  • Does not cut off circulation, hamper movement or cause uncomfortable swelling
  • Allows normal circulation and blood flow
  • Uses selective pressure to turn the natural action of the forearm into a pump by compressing the flexor, extensor and supinator muscles
  • Stimulates the bodys natural healing process by increasing blood flow and oxygen by reducing inflammation and muscle spasms, and producing a subtle warmth at the site of the pain
  • Allows muscles to relax, reducing stress on tendons and muscles
  • May be worn for long periods of time with complete comfort
  • Can be worn or left or right arm
  • One size fits most

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