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Chem Well-T Chemistry Analyzer
Chem Well-T Chemistry Analyzer
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Chem Well-T Chemistry Analyzer (Refurbished)


This chemistry analyzer is fully automated, random access analyzer for Biochemistry and Immuno-Turbidimetric Assays, and it is designed specifically to meet the needs of lower throughput labs.


  • Cuvettes are easy to load and unload
  • Reusable after washing
  • Starter quantity supplied
  • Additional cuvettes are commercially available
  • Cuvettes automatically glide through the optical system for endpoint and kinetic reading
  • 8 strips of 5 cuvettes each allows 40 reactions without intervention
  • Delivers 5mL to 450mL with typical precision of 2% CV or better
  • Oscillates to mix
  • Detects liquid surface
  • Measures remaining volume
  • Retracts safely if probe contacts an obstacle
  • Washes automatically
  • Guides user step-by-step with colorful graphics and prompts
  • Calculates and edits curves for a wide variety of endpoint and kinetic assays
  • Full QC package provides tracking options for calibrators and controls
  • Automatic system checks and error messages


  • Throughput : up to 100 samples/hour
  • Minimum reaction volume: 200 µL
  • Reaction cell cuvettes: 5 segments
  • Maximum volume: 500 µL
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 21in x 15.5in x 20in
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Capabilities: dilution, pre-dilution, dispensing single or multiple reagents
  • Pumps: 500μL capacity
  • Range: 2μL-500μL
  • Resolution: 0.5μL
  • Thermal control: ambient or 37 ° C

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