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Olympus AU640e Chemistry Analyzer
Olympus AU640e Chemistry Analyzer
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Olympus AU640e Chemistry Analyzer (Refurbished)

Item# E046UA

This chemistry analyzer is designed to fit the needs of hospitals, core and commercial laboratories. This equipment is well suited for use in single or multiple locations.


  • The AU applies the standardization design, which helps to increase productivity and decrease operating costs, and deliver fast, reliable results
  • Olympus AU chemistry analyzer offers a broad test menu including those of homogeneous immunoassays for protein analyses, such as apolipoproteins, immunoglobulin, complement components
  • AU chemistry immune systems is used as primary analyzer or a specialty unit in laboratories
  • It helps to produce the same reliable results, reference ranges and provides efficient inventory management


  • Simultaneously processed analytes : 48 photometric tests, 51 with ISE
  • Throughput : 800 photometric tests/hour; maximum of 1,200 with ISE
  • Sample feeder: racks with 10 samples each (bar codes on primary tubes and on racks)
  • Capacity: 150 samples; continuous loading
  • Sample tubes: in primary and secondary tubes
  • Diameter of tubes: between 11.5 and 16.5 mm
  • Height: between 55 and 102 mm
  • STAT samples: up to 22 positions for STAT samples, bar coded primary tubes 
  • Sample volume: 2 – 50 µl in 1 µl steps (1 – 50 µl for repeats) 
  • Reagent supply: 48 positions for R1 and R2; refrigerated (4 °C – 12 °C) 
  • Reagent volume: 1. reagent: 25 – 300 µl; 2. reagent: 25 – 300 µl; (in 1 µl steps) 
  • Total reaction volume: 150 – 550 µl 
  • Reaction cuvette: quartz cuvettes 
  • Reaction time: up to 8 minutes, 40 seconds 
  • Reaction temperature: 37 °C  

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