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Looking Great And Staying Safe In Disposable Fluid Resistant Lab Coats

Whenever you are working in a hospital or healthcare facility, either in the patient care areas or the lab, it is a good idea to keep a supply of disposable fluid resistant lab coats on hand for staff. These traditional looking lab coats will outlast other types of cotton or poly cotton blend coats, plus they offer a wide range of additional safety features.


One of the biggest issues with any type of lab coat that is worn in the lab or while working with patients is that the coat itself can become a contaminating agent. This because body fluids, medications, chemicals and even liquid spills can all be absorbed by the fabric. These absorbed liquids then travel with you on your rounds or when you are interacting with patients and others, possibly providing the opportunity for contamination. Since it really isn't practical to constantly be changing coats, using antimicrobial and disposable fluid resistant lab coats is really the best possible option.


Fluid resistant disposable lab coats are just as practically designed as the more traditional cotton and poly cotton coats. They feature a four button closure down the front as well as a walking slit up the back, allowing easy movement even if you want to leave the coat closed while you are moving. In addition these fluid resistant lab coats also offer Velcro cuffs and a fold up collar shield to more effectively restrict the chance of any contaminant touching your skin or clothing while the coat is closed. Velcro on the cuffs and collars of the disposable fluid resistant lab coats is also easy to fasten and loosen with either hand and will always be sure to fit regardless of your neck or wrist size.


Additional features of the fluid resistant disposable lab coat include a left breast pocket that is designed to hold pens and other necessary smaller supplies. This additional pocket is also ideal for attaching identification in a way that doesn't interfere with the opening or closure of the front of the coat and is always visible for security. The pocket also has a pet slot, stitched separately for easy access.

The fluid resistant disposable lab coats are 100% polyester, which means that they are lightweight as well as breathable. This is an important aspect in a busy hospital or healthcare setting where you may be walking through a variety of temperatures as you travel from area to area of the facility. The polyester fabric is very easy to clean and requires no special treatment, making it perfect for hospital laundry facilities.


The strong stitching and attention to details on fluid resistant disposable lab coats means that they are more than capable of standing up to the wear and tear of hospital and laboratory environments. Durability is important, and extra details such as a stitched down back belt are a sure sign of a company that is producing a quality product. As with most lab clothing, the fluid resistant lab coat comes in white, ideal for hospital and healthcare setting wear.


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