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Disposable Lab Coats: Allowing an Open Door into Medical Care

It doesn’t really matter what profession you are in, we all live in a world of disposable tools.  Just about everything can be found in a disposable form.  Ink pens, eating utensils, and even clothes can be used and then thrown out.  Having the luxury of disposable items is especially important in the career fields where cleanliness and sterility is essential.  You hear about professional tattoo artists and piercing specialists required to use new needles and equipment every time they work on a new client.  Food professionals usually have disposable gloves, hair nets, and even pans.  Naturally, the medical field is another profession where cleanliness is a must and disposable lab coats are there to help out.  Take a look at some of the benefits to stocking these handy coats in your office supply room.


You might be thinking to yourself that just about every medical professional you know has their own personal lab coats.  Some use the cotton-polyester blend, others like the all cotton options, and some even go so far as to have theirs embroidered with their name and stuff.  However, not everyone who comes into your facility is a patient or medical professional on staff.  It’s important to be ready for every situation and disposable lab coats can help you do that.


It’s no big surprise to you that there are certain areas and rooms that simply can’t have static introduced into them.  As hard you might try, your standard cotton or cotton blend lab coats are going to conduct electricity and static, at least enough to potentially create problems.  You can’t wear your regular lab coat in the room and you can’t go in unprotected.  The only solution for you is to have some of the static free disposable lab coats on hand for such an occasion.  These coats allow you access as well as any other visitors or professionals that need to come in as well.


Another useful function of the disposable lab coat is for bringing guests into a sterile environment.  The most famous situation for this is bringing dad into an operating room for a C-section or into the delivery room.  There are other occasions when a patient’s friends and family are going to have to cover up for the patient’s well being.  In cases where there is an immunity deficiency or weakened state, disposable lab coats will protect the visitors from hazards as well as the patient.


Of course, in every hospital, lab, or nursing facility there are those areas that are typically off limits to the general public.  There are also those times when allowing access is essential.  It might be for a tour of the facilities, or to see an ill friend or relative.  Instead of not being able to see their loved one or the full function of an institution they are considering for medical care, the disposable lab coats allow medical professionals to show off their state of the art facilities.  Overall, disposable lab coats can be used to bring the medical world closer to the people it is designed to help.


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