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Selecting X-Ray and Radiation Gloves

Lead Free Radiation Protection Gloves

Lead Free Radiation Protection Gloves

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Sterile Radiation Protection Gloves

Sterile Radiation Protection Gloves

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Protecting the skin and eyes from the cumulative effects of any type of radiation is essential when working in the industrial, manufacturing, or medical field. It is also an important consideration for anyone working around equipment that emits radiation, or x-rays. Providing good protection for your hands by selecting the correct x-ray and radiation gloves is an important health consideration for anyone in the medical field that works around this type of potentially dangerous equipment.

Radiation gloves can be powder free or powdered, but most on the market today are powder free. The powder free option will not cause any reaction associated with inhalation of the powder, which can be a problem for some technicians and individuals with allergies and respiratory problems. Latex free gloves for use around radiation and x-ray equipment are also a good idea, if there is any concern of allergic reaction to the latex, which can be significant in some individuals.

Different types of x-ray and radiation gloves are also designed to protect the hands and wrist from different types of radiation. Some gloves are designed for full protection for both direct beam and scattered radiation. Direct beam radiation is the most damaging, but scattered radiation, which occurs when x-rays and radiation bounce through the environment, can cause significant damage with continual exposure over time. There are also gloves that are unique in that they provide protection for both types of exposure, which is often the best option for those that are working frequently around imaging and radiation equipment, particularly in fluoroscopy procedures. 

Not all x-ray and radiation gloves are heavy and bulky. Although lead has traditionally been used to block exposure to radiation in gloves and protective wear, there are newer, lighter options available. In some radiation gloves, tungsten or other metals are used to minimize the risk to exposure. This provides a much lighter weight, highly flexible glove that is as thin a 0.007 inches. With this thinner surface depth the wearer has a greater sense of touch through the gloves which provides more accuracy in using equipment. In addition the glove's surface can be textured to provide even more gripping options, especially when working with very slippery surfaces. 

Finding the right size in x-ray and radiation gloves is important ,as they can cause problems if they do not fit correctly. Loose gloves may slide down the arms and wrists, providing a much greater risk of exposure to scatter radiation. Loose gloves are also more likely to cause problems with tactile sensitivity and the ability to manipulate objects as needed during the procedure. On the other hand gloves that are too tight will cause discomfort and skin irritation over time. For this reason most companies that sell radiation reducing gloves offer specific sizes, not just small, medium, large and extra-large options as are found in examination and surgical gloves. Half sizes may also be possible in these types of gloves, really giving the perfect fit without any need to compromise mobility and safety. Radiation gloves can help reduce your risk to ailments that come with prolonged exposure to x-rays, and therefore sould used when working with radiation emitting equipment.


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