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Calcium Alginate Dressing Sterile Minimal Shrinkage12 in

Item# 1329DNKINM
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Curasorb Calcium Alginate Dressing - 12in rope, Sterile, High Calcium Le ...

in stock Unit: 5/pack
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AlgiSite Calcium Alginate Dressing Rope .75 in 12 in

Item# 40849545INM
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This dressing is soft and conformable, with minimal shed and h ...

in stock Unit: 10/box
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SeaSorb Alginate Dressing Latex Free 17-12 in Rope

Item# 0473LOCINM
Retail Price: $103.27
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SeaSorb Alginate Dressing - Sterile, 17-1/2 in rope, 6/box.

in stock Unit: 6/pack
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