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Talking Blood Glucose Meter

Talking Blood Glucose Meter

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Every person with diabetes understands the importance of having blood glucose meters readily available.  At Medical Supplies and Equipment Company, we carry a vast array of glucose test meters that will deliver consistent, accurate readings.  Our on-line inventory of precision glucose meters will provide the precise results each diabetic person requires.  For state-of-the-art glucose testing meters at discounted prices, you’ve come to the right place.  Our catalog of diabetic glucose meters are in stock and ready to ship today.  Below are a few blood glucose meters we carry but be sure to evaluate our entire stock of blood glucose meters to find the exact model to fit your individual needs.


The Accu-Chek InstantPlus Blood Glucose Meter tests for both glucose and cholesterol levels.  This model requires only a drop of blood and 12 seconds for glucose results and 180 seconds for cholesterol results.  This model is perfect for physician's offices, pharmacies, home healthcare, and cholesterol screenings.  This model helps monitor treatment therapy and compliance.  It comes complete with meter, operation manual, quick reference guide, 3 AAA batteries, and a 1-year warranty.


The One Touch Profile Blood Glucose Meter Testing Kit comes with everything the diabetic needs for quick, complete, and accurate results.  The kit includes the meter, 10 test strips, carrying case, Penlet II automatic blood sampler, lancets, control solution, owner’s booklet, logbook, and batteries.


The Precision QID Blood Glucose Meter System delivers accurate test results in 20 seconds.  This precise testing system ensures precise results unaffected by movement or touching of test strips.  The unique, three-electrode technology featured in this unit limits interference while the handheld design offers convenient finger-to-strip and strip-to-finger testing.  This model is designed with a large, easy-to-read display.   The test strips are individually wrapped to protect integrity.


The PrestigeIQ Blood Glucose Meter & Test Strip Combo is a complete system providing everything the diabetic needs for quick, precise test results.  This model features a large digital display, one-button coding, and an internal uploading capacity to track, graph, print, and share results with healthcare professionals.


Our on-line inventory is designed with all of your diabetic needs in mind.  We carry a vast array of Diabetic Supplies and Products.  From Diabetic Shoes, Blood Lancet Devices, to Test Strips, we can provide the diabetic with most every supply and product needed for a safe and healthy quality of life.


For accurate test results, please abide by the following instructions:


  1. Wash hands.
  2. Place strip into the machine and watch indicator for placing blood to strip.
  3. Pierce finger and obtain a drop of blood. The type of drop of blood is dependent on the  type of strip you are using (i.e., "hanging drop" versus small drop for strips that draw blood into the strip—capillary action).
  4. Place blood on or at the side of the strip.
  5. Read results at end of test time and respond as needed.
  6. Record results or refer to results in the memory of your meter at least one to two times a week. 


We also provide other vital information for diabetics:



Whatever your specifications may be for blood glucose meters, we can supply the specific model that will fit your needs.  After evaluating our on-line inventory, we invite you to call our customer service department for further information.  It is our goal to be your one-stop provider for the finest medical supplies and equipment the healthcare industry has to offer.  For any questions or assistance, please call us toll free at 1-877-706-4480.