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Tips For Selecting Seat Lifts

Uplift Commode Assistant

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The commode assistant relieves stress and strain on joints while if offers ...

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Lifting Cushion

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This hydro-pneumatic seat lift assistant is a mechanical lifting cushion th ...

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Power Seat Lift Assistant

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This power seat lift assistant is a mechanical lifting cushion that you can ...

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A seat lift is a great option for providing assistance to those who have trouble moving from a seated to a standing position, due to worsening back and leg conditions. Seat lifts are different than power lift chairs in that they don't require the complete mechanism of a full chair and can also be used on almost all types of existing chairs.


One of the most important features to consider when selecting a seat lift is how easy it is to move from chair to chair. Most will require no permanent or even temporary attachment to the chair itself, but sit entirely on the seat. This also works on couches and other softer types of padded seats. Extremely padded seats such as an overstuffed couch or very deep type of chair may not always be suited for use with seat lifts, but these are typically not chairs that a person requiring minor assistance to stand would typically choose to sit in.


A better option may be a hydro-pneumatic gas spring model that doesn't need any type of external power. These systems work on a cylinder mechanism, with the air pressure within the lightweight cylinder providing the upward and forward push that provides the lift. These systems are very easy to use as all the individual has to do is sit forward with their body weight triggering the cylinder to push up the back of the seat lift. The seat can then be flattened again for easy transportation by disengaging the cylinder, a simple adjustment that can be made at any time.

These self-powered models of seat lifts are perfect for those that travel or that spend time in a variety of settings. They can be used in the office or at the ball field, perfect for getting up from bleachers and office chairs alike. Since they are small and very light in weight they can be easily carried in a tote or even a large briefcase or sports bag. Most of the self-powered seat lifts will be less than 9 pounds in total weight and come in different widths and depths that fit standard sized adults.


Some of the power seat lifts are designed to assist with standing from the seated position while others are perfect for dual duty. The can be triggered to the upright position to help with slowly easing you from a standing to a sitting position, then again used to assist in standing. With a slow and gentle release on the hydro-pneumatic gas springs there is no upward momentum or thrust, just a gentle upward pressure that helps you stand or sit slowly and without sudden movements in either direction.


Finally, a very important consideration is the actual upholstery and design of each seat lift. Look for fabrics that are washable and removable, and easy to keep looking brand new. The base should be designed to prevent slipping on the chair or seat, providing a secure, safe option no matter where you may need assistance.