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Wheeled Walkers For Greater Independence

5in Replacement Casters Kit for Deluxe & Lightweight Walkers

5in Replacement Casters Kit for Deluxe & Lightweight Walkers

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Bariatric Rigid Walker, 850 lb Capacity

Bariatric Rigid Walker, 850 lb Capacity

Item# AE-S028-C
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Single-Release Folding Jr. Walker

Single-Release Folding Jr. Walker

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Wheeled walkers provide a whole new world of freedom and mobility for those that are having difficulty in walking and getting around. Unlike standard types of walkers that require the user to lift up and push forward, wheeled walkers move forward naturally with the user, providing support but also providing a feeling of confidence in being able to maneuver and walk about on their own.


Wheeled walkers come in several different models and with many different options. Generally wheeled walkers will have two, three or four wheels, all models which have both pros and cons. Two wheeled walkers still have four legs, however only the front two have wheels. The user pushes forward and lifts the very lightweight frame slightly up to move forward as needed. The two rear legs without wheels provide security and stability when the user is not moving forward or backwards. Changing directions can be done by lifting up the walker or maneuvering in a cornering motion.


Three wheeled walkers are designed with the base looking more like a tricycle than a traditional four cornered walker. They are highly maneuverable and allow the user to either walk close to the frame or slightly behind. The walker is very easy to turn and perfect for smaller spaces and those that are fairly mobile, just needing a bit of additional support. Most three wheel walkers also have two hand brakes located on the handlebars of the walker, keeping the walker from moving forward when it is important to have stability.


Typically most three wheel walkers will have a carrying basket as well as a pouch or enclosed type carrying case on the frame of the wheeler. They do not generally have a flip up seat and are often very lightweight, easy to take with you wherever you may go. The frames come in a variety of colors as well as larger and smaller wheels for both indoor and outdoor maneuverability.


Four wheeled walkers are square in shape and often considered the best option for those that need a significant amount of security and stability in moving about. They are designed to be durable and can support individuals up to 300 plus pounds on most standard models. In addition these stronger, more durable types of wheeled walkers are also equipped with hand brakes that stop the wheels from turning, allowing the user to control the movement of the walker with ease.


Four wheel walkers also come with seats, baskets and even water bottle holders and other extra features. The brakes are designed to lock when the user wants to use the wheeled walker as a resting chair or while loading items in the basket or carry-all on the frame.

All walkers are adjustable for height with regards to the handle. Some of the two and four wheel models will also have adjustment for seat height and other features such as the basket location up or down on the frame. Choices of colors wheel size and frame options are can also be found with different wheeled walker manufacturers.


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