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Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Bath Tubs Help Rehabilitate Patients

The idea of a hot bath at the end of the day is not just something that helps to soothe the soul, but physical therapists and physicians are finding that patients actual respond well to hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tubs and to their warm jets.  By providing heat and pressure to the body in a relaxed atmosphere, patient injuries are responding and healing at quicker rates than they did outside of the bath tubs.  By learning about the various types of hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tubs, you can help choose the best bathtub for your patient or for your hospital's needs.


For Diabetic Patients:

Since the circulation of a diabetes patient can be compromised, soothing pain associated with circulation troubles and with numbness can be achieved with the use of a hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tub.  This kind of bath tub will help the foot gently be massaged, which helps the foot begin to circulate blood more evenly.  By focusing on the foot and the ankle, these bath tubs are entirely mobile and are easy for any patient to use in their home or at the hospital.  The patient simply puts their foot into the hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tubs and allows it to soak for a prescribed amount of time.  This therapy can be repeated over the course of days or weeks, depending on the condition of the patient and the recommendation of the physical therapist of primary physician.  While the tubs won't completely heal the poor circulation, there is significant evidence that using a bath tub like this for therapy will reduce the possibility of ulceration and the need for amputation of the foot in severe cases.


For Injuries and Rehabilitation After Surgery:

Since many of the hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tubs are focused on the extremities, they make perfect sense for sports medicine and orthopedic patients as well.  If the foot or ankle has been fixed in surgery, the pulsing jets can help to improve the circulation to the area, and thus speed up the recovery rates of the patients.  A patient who might be having troubles moving from position to position can also easily put their foot into the bath tub to get the full benefit of their therapy.


For Physical Therapy:

When the muscles have atrophied because of an extended illness or surgery recovery, a hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tub that immerses the entire body can be a practical way to get the body working well again.  The physical therapist can move the limbs of the patient through the water, providing some resistance, while also helping to keep the patient relaxed and pain free (as much as possible).  Incorporating water therapy into your practice and therapy can be a welcome addition to your repertoire of healing methods – and one that patients won't mind.


There are a number of hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tubs that you can choose from to allow you to help any size patient as well as for any injury or need.  Some are lower to the ground to assist the patient with mobility problems, while others have hydrolifts to help the patient get in and out without troubles – perfect for the home setting too.


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