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Tips For Selecting Lab Safety Goggles

Leaded Prescription Safety Goggles

Leaded Prescription Safety Goggles

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Lab safety goggles are different than traditional types of laboratory safety glasses. They are specially designed to form a contact fit with the skin on the forehead, cheeks and the temples to prevent liquids and solids from entering the sides, top or bottom of the glasses. They also are in continuous and direct contact with the bridge of the nose, different than typically prescription or safety glasses that are often raised above the bridge of the nose with non-slip pads. This snug yet not tight or uncomfortable fit is essential in laboratory settings to prevent even small amounts of material from entering the area in and around the eye.


Lab safety goggles, unlike safety glasses, are designed to be much larger than the eye area itself. They do need to provide comprehensive coverage of the eye area of the face but they don't need to be bulky or heavy. New types of materials, including very lightweight but highly durable plastic frames, are perfect for ensuring that these essential safety items are comfortable to wear. Unlike safety glasses lab safety goggles don't come with prescription lenses, however due to their shape and style they can comfortably be worn over the top of prescription glasses.


Most of the lab safety goggles on the market are clear in their design, made of a lightweight clear vinyl body or frame. The lenses are made of a polycarbonate material that is hard and scratch resistant, perfect for even the most hazardous work environments. This scratch resistance is developed by coating the lens with a very thin, hard clear coating. Unlike traditional glasses the lens is one solid piece, ensuring there is maximum protection but also maximum visibility. The material of the lenses can also be treated to be anti-fogging, sometimes listed as fogless, which is an important consideration in many labs and work environments. Lenses will also provide 100% UV protection, another important safety feature in many different types of work environments. 


An adjustable headband is a critical aspect of lab safety goggles. This can be a simple elastic band that can be made smaller or larger by simply pulling at the ends of the band where they attach to the frame of the goggles. The bands can also be easily replaced if they become worn, frayed or contaminated with a chemical in the lab. This is an excellent feature to allow the safety goggle to be worn by all staff in the facility without the need to have individually fitted goggles for each person. The easy adjustment also makes placing the goggles over prescription glasses a quick and easy task.


To prevent humidity and heat from building up in the goggles ventilation along the sides is important. This indirect ventilation prevents direct contact of any splashed chemicals to the skin around the eye while keeping humidity and heat from building up in the goggles themselves.


Finally it is essential to check the manufacturer's information to ensure that the lab safety goggles meet the necessary ANCI, CE and UL standards. Also check to make sure that the goggles are both chemical splash and impact resistant for the best possible protection.


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