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Benefits Of A Saliva Oral Drug Test

Saliva oral drug test kits do have very significant benefits, especially in workplace or large volume testing facilities. The new types of saliva oral drug test kits are highly accurate and they provide results in less than 10 minutes, meaning that the tester has immediate information on if the individual tested was positive or negative for the presence of the specific drugs in their system. Like urine drug tests, saliva oral drug test kits can test for a wide range of drugs or groups of drugs, although they don't test for every possible type of drug. In addition, just like urine tests, the drugs must be present in a baseline measurement to get a positive result. All saliva oral drug test kits should clearly indicate the amount of the specific drug that must be present in order to result in a positive test reading.


Saliva oral drug test kits have really made testing easy and much less challenging no matter what situation the testing is required in. Since these tests are simple to administer, the tester can actually have several subjects in the room at the same time. The subjects have to have had nothing to eat or drink for at least five minutes or as directed on the package, this includes chewing gum, breath mints or candies. A small amount of saliva is accumulated in the test subject's mouth, then is typically collected in a spoon-like device attached to the actual drug test unit. Some tests provide a sponge type device that is inserted into the mouth and then placed in the testing unit. The subject can also spit into a plastic cup, then the saliva is transferred to the testing unit.


The testing device is then left on a flat surface for the required amount of time, usually not more than 10 minutes with most tests. Bars, lines or color changes will indicate the presence or absence of specific drugs as per the reference chart or grid provided with the test itself. It is important to read saliva oral drug test results within the specified time only as reading too early or too late will cause inaccurate readings.


Obviously this non-invasive type of saliva oral drug test eliminates most of the problems associated with the traditional urine test. Unlike urine tests the tester, regardless of gender, can supervise both male and females being tested. There is also much less likelihood that any saliva could be substituted for the subject's since the procedure is done within direct line of sight of the tester. Individuals that find it difficult to give a urine sample don't have to have the same concerns about a saliva sample and the amount of saliva required is so small that most individuals have no issues with providing the necessary volume.


Saliva oral drug test kits are effective much more quickly than urine test kits since the drug does not have to be fully metabolized by the kidneys and liver before it will test positive. In some cases and with some drugs or alcohol the presence of the substance can be detected within 5 minutes of ingestion, which is the earliest that the test can be provided.