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Mobile Sinks for Specialized Uses

Washing Your Hands On the Go


Many people have seen portable sinks used in a variety of settings. They are very often associated with classrooms, daycares, and nursery settings where it is important to have hand washing equipment readily available. However, there are many other uses for these incredibly versatile hand washing stations. Amazingly, many people don't realize the benefits of using these mobile sinks in a variety of different environments.


In reality, any indoor setting is the perfect place for these sinks. All that you require is a level floor surface, a dedicated electric circuit, and a room temperature that stays above freezing. The recommended minimum temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 degrees Celsius. This is important to keep in mind as temperatures colder than this can lead to freezing in the pump and on-demand heater as well as the hoses. When this happens, there is a chance that the freezing water can expand and cause leaks or significant damage to the pump and various heater components.


Since most indoor spaces are well above this temperature on a year round basis, this does not prove to be a main concern. However if you do transport your portable sinks, such as a mobile catering service may do, be sure to drain the lines and keep the entire unit at or above the minimum temperature.


Mobile catering services can really take advantage of several of the models available in mobile sinks. There is the option to choose a small unit that is designed specifically to allow wait staff, chefs, and those handling food the opportunity to wash their hands as often as necessary. Since many community centers, church halls, and meeting rooms don't have running water, this can be a fantastic option. Staff doesn't have to travel to wash up, ensuring that your staff is always there when needed.


Models of portable hand wash stations that include a larger counter top area to one or both sides of the sink can be a real help for food preparation and wash up. They are an efficient way to rinse off vegetables and fruit if it is being cut up and prepared on site. With options that include up to three different sink basins; this can be a real time and effort saver for the chefs.


Jewelry stores and jewelry kiosks can really take advantage of portable sinks for hygienic reasons. This is particularly true if you offer ear piercing services. Staff can wash their hands prior to working with the customer. In addition, the cabinets are designed to work well with wire glove box holders, allowing staff to wash hands and immediately, without touching any surfaces, put on medical gloves. Customers will appreciate this extra effort to maintain a safe, clean environment during any procedure.


For businesses, portable sinks can turn any room into an instant break room without the need for additional plumbing. Mobile sinks allow staff to have a handy washing station right in the break room, encouraging hand washing compliance. These portable sinks can also be a handy way to provide potable water needed for food preparation without the need of installing or using a full kitchen set-up.