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Anesthesia Face Mask

Anesthesia Masks, N-S

Anesthesia Masks, N-S

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Patients who must be sedated with gas during a medical procedure will require the use of an  anesthesia face masks to have the drugs delivered to them. It is very important to have the correct size and style of  anesthesia face mask. This will ensure that the intended dose is indeed absorbed by the patient.


Size of the anesthesia face masks is a crucial element. A mask which is too small will not fully cover the nose and mouth. The shape of the human face, with its uneven peaks and valleys of the chin, lips, and other features, requires a full mask to seal off the nose and mouth. Unless these breathing passages are covered by the mask or sealed off, the patient could inadvertently be breathing in air from the room, rather than the treated oxygen from the anesthesia machine. The patient will not get the full benefits of the vaporized sedative. This does not give the physician license to use an  anesthesia face mask that is too large, though. Excessively large masks can leak air out of their sides, thus lowering the amount of the drug the patient receives. If the patient is not getting the full dosage of the anesthesia, he might have sensation or awaken during surgery. Either of these situations could pose a danger to the surgeon who could be surprised by a patient jerking due to being improperly anesthetized.


Another important factor to consider with an anesthesia face mask is the type of mask. There are several different types from which to choose. Each of these has a different application and situation for their use. Among these masks are B.O.C. Type, AMBU Type, Clear Silicone , and R.B.S. Type. To affix these to the face, there are head harnesses to ensure a tight, secure fit. What differentiates these mask types, besides shape, are the materials from which they are crafted .  BOC Type are made from latex rubber which is dipped in a conductive neoprene. These are made in the Connel style which many patients find comfortable. An inflatable pad inside the mask ensures a closer, tighter fit. AMBU type masks are latex free, nonconductive masks with inflatable seals. Clear Silicon face masks are, as the name implies, made of transparent silicon.  RBS. Type face masks are made of latex-free, nonconductive neoprene.


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