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Heat Things Up with Shortwave Diathermy

AutoTherm 390 Shortwave Diathermy

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Thisshortwave diathermy unit produces comforting deep heat in muscle tissue ...

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Triplode Coil Applicator

Item# 8593MET
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Triplode coil applicator with cable, 200 W max

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Soft Rubber Applicator, 4.7in x 7.1in

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This is a single soft rubber applicator, sized4.7in x 7.1in, with a max of8 ...

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In the last few decades or so, many medical professionals have found that there are several ways to help their patients heal without the use or with limited use of long term pain medication use.  Things like therapeutic massage, neuromuscular stimulators, and therapeutic ultrasound have revolutionized the way the medical community can aid patient healing.  Another type of technology that has shown real worth in the clinical setting is shortwave diathermy.  This method of controlling pain and increasing the blood flow to damaged muscle areas acts with deep heat as opposed to sound wave like the therapeutic ultrasound.  In conjunction with other non medication based therapies, shortwave diathermy can help a large number of patients with varying degrees of injury as well as different types of injury.  Take a closer look at what your practice can expect to get from the inclusion of this kind of medical technology.


Therapeutic ultrasound is fantastic for reaching a very specific region of the body.  However, there are times when a medical professional is going to need to reach a larger area of the body.  Among other benefits, shortwave diathermy machines can be used to apply heat to a much larger area of the body.  This is especially helpful for treating back muscle problems.  In addition to the classic back problems a huge number of the population has to deal with, shortwave diathermy also is beneficial for treating things like neuritis, tendonitis, and muscle strains of all kinds.  Also know as SD, this method of applying heat to the deep underlying tissue of the body is also wonderful for providing relief to patients who suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis as well.  


Another common use of the shortwave diathermy that is likely to be one of the most commonly used applications is sports medicine.  From amateurs to professional athletes, the common and not so common sports injuries are often made better and heal faster when heat is part of the equation.  Things like inflammation of the elbow, shoulder, and knees are improved with the use of the shortwave diathermy.  Lower back pain, ligament sprains, and even neck joints benefit from therapeutic heat as well. 


However, as useful as the shortwave diathermy is on all sorts of common injuries and diseases, there are cases when this type of intense heat should be avoided.  Women who are pregnant aren’t good candidates for this kind of therapy.  Mentally handicapped individuals are also considered to be poor candidates for shortwave diathermy.  Other preexisting conditions that can eliminate a person as a candidate for this method of healing and pain relief are severely fluctuating blood pressure, people who have pace makers, and those with kidney or heart problems.  Even when a person is ordinarily a good patient for this treatment, the presence of a high fever can eliminate them from this therapy until the condition clears up.


In short, shortwave diathermy machines are easily moveable into different exam or treatment rooms and can help a great number of different patients with unique needs.  These machines are an advantage for any medical office or clinic. 


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