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Back Inversion Tables for Your Health

Back inversion tables can be used in therapeutic settings as well as for home health use. They are uniquely designed to allow the weight to be shifted from the standing position to a completely inverted position, where the head is below the hips and the weight of the body is through the feet and legs. This takes all the pressure off of the spine and neck, assisting in pain management, mobility, and range of motion improvements and even promoting blood flow and circulation through the body.

The back inversion table can be one of several different models, but most have a similar design. They have a triangular or A-frame base, with widely placed corner feet to provide stability and to decrease any movement of the table when in use. There is also a support section that is located across the back and hips, adding support to the head and neck. Ankle clamps and safety straps are used to ensure that the user is securely positioned on the table before using the hand grips to go into an inverted position.

The back inversion table can be used in stretching exercises while the user is in the inverted position. This is perfect for eliminating stress on the shoulder, back, and hips while increasing the range of motion. In addition, some of the back inversion tables are designed to accommodate a rocking motion while the user is inverted. This is controlled by upward movement of the arms that works similar to the pumping action of your legs on a standard swing. The rocking is reported to increase circulation, release tension and stress, and improve the natural metabolic processes including detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

Back inversion tables are great for relaxation, stress relief, and pain management for hip, spinal, or upper body injuries. They are designed to be very safe for use, but also easy to take apart for portability and storage. With adjustable height options for the body support and frame, individuals up to 6 feet 6 inches in height can use most of the popular models. If you are very tall or petite, it is highly recommended that you try out the back inversion table or carefully check the return policy of before making a purchase.

If you are considering one of these inversion tables, look for commercial grade construction that is going to be durable, yet also lightweight. Having the option of a removable cover or mat for the body support frame allows for easy washing of the material if and when necessary. In addition, be sure to check the security of the ankle clasps and straps, as this is an essential component to your safety while on the bench. Contoured or clamp style ankle holders are preferred, as they are comfortable for regular use and wear. They also provide secure positioning of the feet that won't slip with movement. As with any type of therapeutic treatment at home, it is important to talk to your doctor before including a back inversion table into your regular fitness or rehabilitation therapy routine. 

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