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Massage Therapy Tables - Tips for Professionals

Massage therapy is a quickly growing industry, and it seems that everyone is signing up for massage school and buying their own massage therapy tables. They find the increasing popularity of the field as a reason to enter it. Returning patients and referrals comprise the bread and butter of a therapist's business, and as a therapist, having the right massage table can make the difference between whether or not patients will return or refer their friends and family. This will determine if the therapist's practice will succeed or fail.


There are many reasons people seek out massage therapy. Some needs relief from sore muscles, and others have tension in their body they want to have released. All patients turn to a massage therapist for  relief and comfort. Patient comfort and relief are the primary goals for any massage session, no matter how long. This is why the massage therapy table should be designed for optimal patient accommodation. Most forms of massage on a table will last between thirty minutes to two hours. Patients will likely complain if during that time, they feel that they have to keep moving to find a soothing position. Patient movement of this sort will not help the therapist, either. A sudden patient jerk or movement could lead to pain or injury.


To keep patients happy and returning, they should have a well-padded massage table on which to lie during their session. The padding should be firm enough to support the patient while providing a comfortable cushion. Many patients remove their clothes and are covered with simply a drape during table massage therapy sessions. With bare skin touching the table, the chances of transference of germs from one client to another is increased. This is why it is vital that the top of the table should be easy to clean and disinfect between patients.


The patient will need to be able to breathe during the session, but this can be difficult if he is lying on his stomach. An open face pad or pillow in the shape of a horseshoe at the top of the massage therapy table will allow the patient to have his head supported, let him breathe easily, and maintain his neck posture while he is lying on his stomach. This head cushion also needs to be easy to clean and disinfect as the patient will have his face in it for the duration of the session.


In selecting your message therapy table it is also note worthy to consider the physical dimensions of you potential clients/ patients.  This coupled with a comfortable range of your own reach along with your massage style will enable you to make a better decision when it comes to selecting massage therapy tables.  Message table which is too narrow may prove to be uncomfortable for some of the large patients.  On the other hand, a massage therapy table which is too wide may force the masseuse to physically overextend her/himself during the session.


In addition to a comfortable massage table, it is also important to create a relaxing atmosphere for the client/patient.  A combination of soothing music, subtle and pleasant air freshener in conjunction with dimming lights will make it a satisfying experience for the patient/client.  This in turn, will ensure repeat sessions and more referrals.  Happy massaging!



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