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Non-Pharmaceutical Options For Allergy Treatment

HEPAtech Replacement Filter

HEPAtech Replacement Filter

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There are several new types of medications and drug therapy treatments available to help control and minimize the effects of allergic reactions, especially those caused by airborne allergens. These types of allergy treatment options are not always the best way to control the root cause of allergies, as preventing exposure to the allergens and irritants is ideally the best first step.


Allergy treatment that starts with keeping the allergens out of the air may seem like an impossible task, however with new advances in air purifiers and cleaners it is not only possible but affordable as well. New types of HEPA filters work in conjunction with high powered fans to draw air in a room through the filter, trapping all particles and contaminants that are .03 microns or greater in size, removing a great number of possible allergens from the air. Additional filtering options for allergy treatment include then passing the air over activated carbon to remove odors such as smoke or other types of contaminants that may lead to unpleasant odors and smells in the home or office.


While this may seem like a comprehensive type of preventative allergy treatment, there is still one other option that is rapidly becoming an essential element of treating the air in any type of building or facility. This is the use of high intensity UV lights on the filtered air within several models of air purifiers and cleaners. This UV light feature may be a standard component of the air purifier and cleaner or it can be an additional component added to the unit.


UV light works in ways that filters simply cannot. All a filter can do is trap the microorganism, mold, virus or bacteria and hold it in the filter. It does not actually destroy or kill the problem, which is why over time filters become less effective and need to be changed. UV light, on the other hand, works on the organism itself, destroying the protective outer layer and neutralizing the DNA, ensuring the organism cannot reproduce. It literally kills the problem right at the source.


UV light in allergy treatment options is important in both treating the environment as well as treating the air. Room sterilizers that use just intense UV light in vacant areas are used in hospitals, locker rooms, vet's offices and even residential areas to completely kill bacteria, molds, viruses and other types of nasty irritants and allergens both in the air as well as on surfaces. By treating both the air and the surface area the colonies where these irritants and allergens live are completely destroyed, removing airborne problems in the future.


Allergy treatment with air purifiers and cleaners is much more effective in the long run that using medications and drug therapies to simply manage the symptoms. Typically reducing or eliminating allergy symptoms will also reduce any other respiratory problems including asthma, bronchitis and other related conditions. Air purifiers and cleaners are an essential step in providing allergy treatment pre-symptom, resulting in a healthier work and home environment for everyone.


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