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Physical Therapy Tables For Stretching & Exercise

Physical therapy tables can include several different table options. The variety of exercises and programs that physical therapy can entail is largely dependent on the specific population of patients and the short and long term therapeutic goals. For elderly patients retaining flexibility and mobility is typically critical in physical therapy programs while for patients in rehabilitation programs it may include building up strength and regaining range of motion.

Physical therapy tables can therefore be very different depending on the program and patient. Crank hydraulic work tables are a good option for most rehabilitation and therapy rooms and they can be used in a variety of different ways. Therapists and patients need to have tables that can be easily adjusted for height, which is important for patients in wheelchairs, scooters or walkers as well as for patients that are sitting in typical chairs around the table. Physical therapy tables may also be used in these settings to provide support or balance for patients as they stand up from the table, so they have to be strong, sturdy and solid. Natural oak is a great material since it is a beautiful wood but also very strong and resistant to wear and tear.

Formica physical therapy tables can be used for a variety of patient therapeutic treatments. They can be positioned correctly to work with arm strength exercises, arm mobility and activities that move the shoulders and hands. Crank operation of the raising and lowering function makes it easy to position the table at the correct height for each individual patients in just a few seconds. In addition the physical therapy table is perfect for use with those in wheelchairs that may need a higher table than patients that are using standard chairs. Formica is also extremely durable and is resistant to almost all types of scratches, cuts or chips which means that the table will look like new for years to come.

Physical therapy tables for stretching and patient exercise also come in a wide variety of options. There are single types of electrically powered tables that can be raised and lowered with a hand or foot control. These types of tables are covered in a vinyl or durable, easy to clean upholstery that is puncture, tear and mar resistant. The padding is urethane foam, giving a comfortable yet firm padding over the frame. Additional pillows, wedges and positioning devices can be used to et the patient into the correct position prior to stretching or exercise. With the easy to manage foot or hand control transferring wheelchair patients to the physical therapy table is simple and very safe for both patients and therapists.

These bed style physical therapy tables can be single or double wide and come with the choice of a variety of different upholstery colors. This allows you to customize the look of the tables to match your particular therapy room color scheme and décor. Pillows, wedges and accessories for the tables can be coordinated to match as well, giving a professional look to the therapy center.