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Exercise On The Go With A Portable Exercise Bike

Under Desk Exercise Bike

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Upright Professional Indoor Exercise Bike

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Premium Electric Workplace Bike Desk

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A portable exercise bike is a terrific idea for busy professionals or for facilities where the bike may be used in many different settings. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, long term care settings or even in schools and exercise clubs a portable exercise bike can provide a great option for occasional workouts or regular training routines.


Portable exercise bikes are different from the heavier, bulkier stationary exercise bikes and they are designed to be lightweight and easy to move between different areas. Some of the deluxe models of portable exercise bikes weigh under twenty pounds, often less than a traditional bicycle and much less than a traditional stationary bike. Portable models are typically made of heavy, durable plastic and aluminum, which gives them both strength as well as the lightweight structure that makes them so easy to move. Plastic also makes an easy to clean and disinfect surface for clean up after your work-out.


When considering a portable exercise bike there are several things to keep in mind. The construction of the consol and pedals is going to be essential as you want a bike that will last but also one that can be adjusted to suit people of different heights and leg lengths. With these bikes they can be positioned closer or farther from the seated individual, making any adjustment simple and easy. The shorter, low to the ground peddler types of bikes are perfect as they are highly portable, weigh about 16 pounds and are easy to store in a closet or in a corner when not in use. These types of portable exercise bikes also have non-skid feet for safety, secured foot pedals and resistance dials that can easily change the intensity of your workout routine.


Being able to increase or decrease the intensity and resistance of your workout is important both in adjusting for different users but also to keep increasing your workout difficulty. The simple dial adjustment means you can change the resistance without the need for any special tools or complicated processes.


These types of portable exercise bikes don't have the traditional seat, handlebars or grips and all the other accessories of a stationary exercise bike. Rather the user can sit on their office chair, couch or even the side of a bed and insert their feet into the loops on the pedals and be ready to exercise. This same piece of equipment can also double as an upper body workout machine as it can be placed on a tabletop and the pedals turned with the hands, turning it into a type of elliptical rowing machine for the arms.


Each portable exercise bike will have an electronic motor inside the equipment that provides power to the LED display on the center consol between the pedals. This digital readout can provide  information on your speed, the distance you have traveled or covered as well as the number of calories you have burned per session. This information is important in evaluating your workout goals as well as setting new and more challenging goals for yourself in the future.


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