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Rehabilitation Equipment - The More You Know the Less it Hurts

There are many forms of  rehabilitation equipment available to physical therapists, patients, and physicians. Depending upon the type of recover the patient will undergo, different types of  rehab equipment will be required. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and electotherapy are all means through which recovery can take place. The patient's specific needs will dictate which type is best for him.


For a patient recovering from a major surgery or illness, time is one of the best medicines, but there are many things both the patient and physician can do in order to speed that process up. Often, there is a considerable amount of debilitating pain associated with the recovery process. Pain relief can be found through the use of medicines, but some patients do not respond well to these, or the side effects are so undesirable as to outweigh their benefits. These are the types of patients who might consider pain relieving rehab equipment such as can be found through electrotherapy. Many patients do not associate electrotherapy as being an effective means of pain relief. They would prefer to stay with more traditional rehabilitation equipment for pain such as hot and cold therapy treatments and whirpools. The patient cannot remain in a whirpool tub throughout his recovery, but he can carry a portable TENS Unit to deliver a mild, pain easing electrical nerve stimulation. This brings the benefit of convenience to this form of electrotherapy. Another type of pain easement is massage therapy. This has also been shown in sports massages to help muscles to recover quicker after exercise or injury.


While the patient is undergoing pain relief, he should also work to rebuild muscle tone which is often lost during the non-use of the resting period following the injury. This requires that the patient works carefully with a physical therapist in order to do the proper exercises to avoid further injury or harm. The strength building exercises prescribed by the physical therapist need to be adhered to and complied with on a regular basis. It will be likely that the patient will need his own set of the same sort of rehab equipment found in the therapist's office. Before deciding upon physical therapy equipment for home use, the patient should consult with his therapist to ensure that he is purchasing the right piece for his size and injury type.


After you had successfully completed your physical rehabilitation program it is important to continue select regiments of your rehab routine at home in order to minimize the chances of re-injury as well as for the overall health benefits.  Instead of professional rehab equipment, you can use inexpensive, at-home exercise equipment such as; balance boards, exercise balls, stationary peddlers, etc.  Always consult with your doctor or chiropractor to ensure appropriate selection and proper use of you at-home rehabilitation equipment.


Our body is profoundly amazing in its abilities to systematically renew and regenerate itself.  However, our body’s abilities to heal is gradually inhibited and slowed down as we grow older.  The good news is that the advancements in rehab therapy medicine and enhancements in rehabilitation equipment can help us to move towards a speedier recovery.  


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