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Relieving Patient Pain One Neuromuscular Stimulator at a Time

One of the most difficult aspects for any person in the health care field to deal with is the existence of pain in medicine. It is simply a fact of life that patients have pain and it’s the medical community’s job to help fix and heal that. Naturally, the type of injury or illness will determine what kind of therapy is appropriate for each individual patient, but one of the most effective therapies available now for muscle pain is neuromuscular stimulators. These handy devices have a lot going for them and are incredibly useful in both the office setting as well as the patient’s home. Very little instruction has to be given to adequately prepare your patients for taking their pain management into their own hands without the use of, or with limited use of narcotics or other long term medications. 
Most insurance companies will only okay the use of electrotherapy equipment with doctors’ or physical therapists’ prescription. In the long run, many of the health insurance companies are more than happy to cover all or part of the cost for one of these units as it is less expensive for them than other, more medication driven therapies. Another advantage to the patient, along with the cost of using the neuromuscular stimulator is convenience. It has already been noted that these little machines are easy to learn how to use and your instruction, along with the appliance manual, should be plenty of information for your patients to successfully use the machine for pain relief. While we are on the subject of convenience, each neuromuscular stimulator typically comes with the unit itself, cables and pads for easy use, and an instruction booklet. Since the entire unit, including case, only weighs about 5 or 6 pounds, they are easy to take along when traveling or even to work if the patient needs relief during the busy work day. 
One thing that is essential to explain thoroughly to your patients is how these muscle stimulators work. In order to offset any unpleasant surprises related to the strength of the machine, it’s important to review the pulse width, which refers to how strong the electronic current is along with the frequency. The frequency is the speed of the current’s movement to the skin and muscle. Be sure to explain that those two elements work together to stimulate the sensory nerves. Those nerves in turn, block the pain from the muscle. 
Finally, when it comes to neuromuscular stimulators, they have so many advantageous uses that you and your patients are sure to see the benefits quickly. Both acute and chronic pain can be lessened with the use of these small, but powerful appliances. Less than perfect blood circulation and muscles affected by spasms are also helped with the use of a neuromuscular stimulator. In some cases, weak muscles have been strengthened and reeducated by the pulse width and frequency of the therapy. For such a simple and easy to use machine, neuromuscular stimulators have a lot of important uses in a clinical and home care setting.

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