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Sport Universal Elbow Support

Sport Universal Elbow Support

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Economy Heel/Elbow Protector

Economy Heel/Elbow Protector

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NeopreneTennis Elbow Support

NeopreneTennis Elbow Support

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One of the most common repetitive strain injuries to the elbow is popularly known as tennis elbow. This comes from an inflammation of the tendon on the exterior of the elbow and it can make gripping and picking up things very painful. Unfortunately many people ignore the pain, and the tendon becomes damaged to the point that surgery is necessitated.


Early treatment with tennis elbow supports, pain medication, and rest is the most effective course. Most treatments will revolve around basic pain management. It is an easy acronym to remember: RICE which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. The patient must beware, though, because too much of any of these can cause harm to the joint and actually slow or lead to improper healing. For instance, unnecessary use of a sling for an elbow injury or tennis elbow will result in the muscles stiffing up in that position, so when the sling is removed, the arm does not have its full range of motion.


A doctor, however might still prescribe a sling for a few days, depending upon the amount of damage to the tendon. Most likely, though, he will have the patient use a forearm support for tennis elbow to help the tendon rest while it heals but still allows the elbow to move. Freedom of movement also helps to keep the muscles strong. As soon as the level of pain lowers enough to allow for it, doctors will request the to build lost muscle strength, the patient do hand exercises such as gripping a stress ball. After an initial consultation, and tennis elbow supports fitting, most arthritis and repetitive strain aches can be treated from home, but in cases of an injury to the elbow,  a practitioner must be worked with closely for the best treatment course.


Tennis elbow can be a chronic condition, and after initial treatment, a physician might prescribe a tennis elbow supporter. Unfortunately, many doctors are not aware of the various brands in order to recommend a specific one. Any type of tennis elbow supports has to fit into the patient's life. The purpose of these products is to take extra pressure off of the tendons during use, but if a patient will not wear one, it will not be effective.


As with any orthopedic product, there are certain attributes that the patient must consider before making his selection. Fit and comfort should be foremost. Any support for tennis elbow should be lightweight and unencumbering. The point is to give the patient the fullest range of movement possible instead of impeding it. Lightweight materials and snug, but not too tight bands are features seen in quality tennis elbow supports.


Tennis elbow supports will likely be warranted in mild to moderate cases, but if the patient's doctor prescribe another course of action, that should always be followed. Every case of tennis elbow is different and the patient's own physician is more aware than anyone else of the patient's physiology, and he is the only one who can give the right treatment procedure.


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