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Choosing the Best Therapy Tables

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to selecting therapy tables. Since different therapy tables offer different features and functions to assist therapists in working with patients, it is essential to know what specific function you want the table to perform. In some cases, therapy tables can be suitable for different types of therapeutic activities that can help reduce your budget and limit the amount of furniture that you require in your therapy room.

Hand therapy tables are very versatile, since they can be used for a wide range of occupational therapy activities. These tables can be quarter round or horseshoe shaped, allowing the therapist to work with more than one patient at a time on a variety of different activities. Some tables have activity sections that include dual sides of different materials for different types of practice. Pegboards and smooth laminate surfaces can be rotated to provide the specific surface the patient requires. The rotating pieces can also be locked to provide an angled working surface. All of these types of therapy tables are designed to accommodate patients in wheelchairs. They feature a hand adjustment on each leg that can raise and lower the entire table surface from 26 inches up to 34 inches for different activities, patients and therapists.

The horseshoe shaped therapy tables are perfect for working with several patients at one time. Up to four wheelchairs can be comfortably positioned around the table for group or individual ativities. With a slightly narrow top and only 18 inches in depth, the therapist can help to manipulate and guide the patient through the activity or exercise without the being required to move beside the patient. With group activities, this also helps the therapist stay close to all patients while also providing the opportunity for patient independence and individual practice. These tables can be adjusted for height as needed and are a great addition to any therapy room or patient community area.

Smaller individual hand therapy tables are a great idea for working in patient rooms or therapeutic environments. These individual tables which can be easily adjusted to the necessary height for each patient are terrific for occupational or rehabilitation activities, arts and crafts projects, and direct exercise or stretching of the hand and arm. Although not on casters the "U" style base means that the table is easily moved when needed without rolling when it needs to be stable.

The mobile option of the individual hand therapy table is the mobile table. This is similar in design to the model described above, but it also has four casters attached to the base of the "U" shaped support bar at the bottom. The casters can be locked for a solid working surface and then released to allow the table to move easily. This is a perfect option for a therapist that moves between patient rooms or that works with a variety of different patients with different requirements for table height.

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