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Scalpel Blades

Health care professionals, surgeons and physicians worldwide know the importance of sharp, sterile instruments when performing critical and routine operations, exams and procedures. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company recognizes this value. This is why we offer a wider variety of reliable, tested and accepted stainless steel scalpel blades, for use with both disposable and re-usable scalpel handles, than any other medical supplier.


Our selection of Feather Brand and Fine Brand blades offer the highest quality surgical blades for a variety of applications related to the health care industry. Many of the surgical blades we have developed are proprietary in nature, but can be categorized as: Dermatome blades, Endoderm blades, Ophthalmic blades, Umbilical cord cutters, Pill cutters, Invasive surgical blades and Tissue slicing blades.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company’s scalpel blades are made from high-quality materials and craftsmanship and are easily compatible with a variety of scalpel handles sizes, for added assurance. Our #10, 11, 12 , 15, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 series scalpel blades are what any physician or surgeon needs to perform operations and procedures without having to rely on additional equipment.


When it comes to performing crucial surgeries and operations, doctors and surgeons don’t have time to risk complications with instruments and tools they don’t trust. Why compromise success when you can have the best tools from Medical Supplies & Equipment Company?

Our scalpel blades assure not only reliability, they also offer flexibility with their great value. All of our blades are available in bulk quantities, to ensure success in any medical situation. Reliability and great value? We offer you choices you should expect when it comes to buying medical supplies you can count on.

Successful surgeries and procedures are made possible by trusted physicians and surgeons. Why shouldn’t patients expect the same caliber of precision and trust from the supplies and equipment their doctors use? We believe you can’t have successful surgeries and procedures without precise, reliable tools. This is why we have hand-picked Feather Brand and Fine Brand  surgical scalpel blades , which are guaranteed to prove this claim when used in your practice.

When you can’t compromise the integrity of your practice, rely on instruments you can trust. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company’s surgical scalpel blades guarantee you will be successful in your endeavors thanks to our high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and reputation in providing our customers with the world’s finest blades.