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Sleeping with Comfort on a Hospital Bed Mattress

Hospital Beds are known for their cleanliness and performance, and are sometimes notorious for discomfort. This is not true today because of the influence of technology on the medical field. Whether you are looking for a simple solution to the long-term treatment or care of your patients, or are looking for affordable Hospital Bed Mattresses for short-term medical care, you are sure to find a comfortable replacement for your existing Hospital Beds in our wide selection of hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses.


Traditional, inner-spring mattresses are perfect for hospital or home healthcare use, and are available in various sizes for flexibility and comfort. Bariatric Mattresses are built to last using heavy-duty, high density foam, which makes the patient feel at home, wherever they may be. Premium Foam Mattresses are easily compressed or compacted, and are perfect for smaller storage spaces, or where delivery is an issue.


In addition to providing high quality, Hospital Beds and Hospital Bed Mattresses, we also carry mattress overlays, which add to the life of your existing or brand new mattress. Air mattress overlaysoffer comfort by their unique design, including air flow holes that permit the escape of fluids for a drier sleeping surface. Gel Floatation Mattress Overlay offer a comfortable sleeping surface without the rocking motion of a Water Mattress, while providing protection from bed sores, making them a perfect sleeping solution for home care, nursing homes or hospitals.  


Alternating Pressure Reduction Mattress and pressure reducing Foam Mattresses offer the best in technology and comfort, especially for patients with pressure sore ulcers treatment. These high performance mattresses provide comfort and durability for the patient with pressure sore ulcer treatment or related ailments. Some models are easy to set up and have adjustment dials, making them perfect for the rental or home heath care market because they’re as easy to set up as they are to operate.


Bariatric Low Air Loss Mattress offer a powered support system with a pulsation function for pressure relief, which makes this more than your ordinary Hospital Bed Mattresses. The True low air loss mattress system utilizes alternating air cells with high volume air loss to produce comfort and reliability for the larger patient and is used as a replacement to a standard Hospital Mattress.


Water Mattress are designed to provide maximum pressure relief, while providing security and durability. Water Mattress and Water Flotation Mattress overlays turn your ordinary hospital mattress into a luxury hospital bed mattress. Suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, long term stay facilities, treatment facilities, luxury retreats or in your own home, these high quality mattresses provide the comfort of the conventional water mattress without the rocking or wave effects.
If you are looking for the best in craftsmanship and value, try one of our high quality Hospital Bed Mattresses or Mattress Overlays today and your patients will be sure to thank you.


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