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Deciding On A Hospital Chair: Specialized Chairs For Every Need

Often the last thing that patients are considering when they come into a doctor's office or a hospital is the furniture. However, the incorrect type of hospital chair not only creates discomfort for the patient but it actually can make the staff and the physician's work much more difficult. Having the correct type of hospital chair for each service required will not only save time and effort for the staff but it will also provide your office with the professional atmosphere that instills confidence and relaxation in patients.


A general purpose hospital chair that can be placed in a fully reclining position with a Trendelenburg mechanism is a great choice for any examination room. These chairs should have a large sized seat and backrest to accommodate even larger patients in comfort. In addition swing out armrests allows the patient easy maneuvering into and out of the chair from either side. Since these chairs may recline fully or even lower the head below foot level, a sleeping wedge or pillow is a great option for patient comfort. Additional features on these chairs can include pull out foot rests, removable headrests and additional cushions for smaller sized patients.


One important type of specialized hospital chair is the phlebotomy chair. These blood drawing chairs need to be designed to be durable, sturdy and every easy to sanitize and clean. Either armrests or a left or right armrest should be able to rotate a full 360 degrees for comfortable positioning for the patient. The armrests should also be able to move up and down for correct positioning with regards to the size of the patient.


Other options for this type of specialized hospital chair include optional drawers for storage of equipment and supplies or information for patients. Other chairs may offer variable colors, extra padding and support and even larger seats for patients that may require additional space.


A podiatry hospital chair can be used for general examinations or for specific work within the specialized field of podiatry. These chairs are very durable and typically come in sizes to accommodate larger sized patients or patients with difficulty in moving between wheelchairs and standard type examination tables. Generally these chairs will have several features including memory options for chair positions, easy electronic positioning of the chair using foot controls and even a raising and lowering component for easy patient access.


Extra and articulating legs sections with this hospital chair allow patients of different heights and leg lengths to sit comfortably in virtually any position. A sliding or removable debris tray by the foot rest provides storage as well as easy clean up during examinations and office procedures.


Full medical treatment chairs are seen as a staple when it comes to hospital chairs. These are often the workhorses of the emergency or treatment room due to their ability to position patients with either a motorized electronic foot control or manual positioning. These types of hospital chairs feature many options ranging from IV pole brackets through to adjustable head, arm and leg rests. With both castors for easy patient movement as well as solid legs for locked positioning, this hospital chair is both practical as well as efficient.


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