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Used Medical Equipment Information

Used Medical Equipment Information


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC offers a wide variety of cost-conscious used medical products and equipment, including:


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Used Medical Products for Daily Living


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC selects the highest quality of used medical equipment and products, then gives them a thorough health and safety inspection. We are dedicated to furnishing patients and caregivers used medical equipment that make daily living easier. We provide used medical equipment that help patients with chronic health care needs be as independent as possible. Our used medical product offerings include:

  • Wheelchairs - manual and electric, heavy-duty and lightweight;
  • Scooters - various sizes and features, including headlights, baskets, golf-ready;
  • Walkers - with wheels, non-slip feet or a combination;
  • Adjustable beds - with push-button electric controls;
  • Over-bed tables - rolling and attached;
  • Canes - wooden, folding seat, four-footed for balance, with handles to assist standing;
  • Stair lifts - for porch steps or interior stairways;
  • Dressing aids - zipper pullers, buttoners, easy-on shoe horns.


Used Diabetic Medical Equipment


For chronic illnesses like diabetes that need constant monitoring, the lower cost of used medical equipment can be a crucial element in regular monitoring routines. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC can assist patients and caregivers find the precise used medical equipment prescribed. Our used medical equipment for diabetics includes:

  • Insulin Traveling Cases - to hold and organize diabetic supplies;
  • Glucometers - to measure blood glucose levels.


Used Medical Diagnostic Supplies, Products & Equipment


For independent living facilities, full-care facilities and homecare, quality used diagnostic medical equipment from Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC can help administrators meet tight budgets. Durable used medical equipment for homecare givers can stretch limited resources. Our used diagnostic medical equipment includes:

  • Blood Pressure Monitors;
  • Thermometers - electric, with disposable covers;
  • Ultrasound Units;
  • EKG Units;
  • Exam Tables.


Used Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC offers many categories of used durable medical equipment, consistent with those specified by doctors.


  • Adjustable beds - electric controls adjust to personalized positions;
  • Scooters - various sizes, features and options, including headlights, grocery baskets, golf-ready;
  • Wheelchair and scooter batteries - 18-100 amp, rechargeable, to fit most brands;
  • Lift chairs - to aid standing and sitting.


Used Medical Home Health Care Products & Supplies


Used medical equipment for home health care from Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC can ease financial strain for patients. Our used medical equipment allows caregivers to better assist patients cared for at home. Our used medical equipment for home health care include:

  • Bathroom products--bath transfer seats, raised toilet seats;
  • Breast pumps for new mothers;
  • Crutches;
  • Bed rails.


Used Mobility Products


Used mobility equipment is an excellent way to increase the quality of life of a patient having trouble getting around the home, the neighborhood or the city. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC selects quality used medical products from leading manufacturers.


  • Power Lift Chairs;
  • Scooters;
  • Wheelchairs;
  • Access Ramps.


Used Medical Mobility Products


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC provides used medical equipment specially made to improve quality of life for the obese patient. Used medical equipment helps the obese patient to live a more independent lifestyle. Used medical equipment for the obese includes:

  • Heavy-duty Beds;
  • Heavy-duty Wheelchairs.


Used Medical Rehabilitation Equipment & Products


Durable and reliable rehabilitation equipment is vital to recovery. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC selects high-quality used medical rehabilitation equipment, inspects and refurbishes each selection All used medical products have price discounts. Our used medical rehabilitation equipment includes:

  • Therapy exercise balls;
  • Electrotherapy units.


Used Medical Respiratory Supplies & Equipment


For patients with chronic respiratory conditions, used medical equipment allows them to use high quality equipment with up-to-date features. Used medical equipment designed for respiratory illnesses is less costly, therefore easing strained budgets. Our used medical respiratory equipment includes:

  • Oxygen concentrators;
  • Nebulizers;
  • Humidifiers.


Used Sports Medicine Products & Supplies


Used medical products are an ideal solution for individuals beginning an exercise program. Used medical products aid patients during injury recovery. Used medical products protect joints after recovery. Used medical products are a proven method to reduce medical supplies outlay. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC offers used sports medicine products including:

  • Helmets;
  • Knee and elbow guards;
  • Back supports;
  • Exercise equipment;
  • Magnetic therapy supplies.