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Choosing A Portable AED Defibrillator

Spacelabs Burdick Medic 4 External Defibrillator

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The Burdick Medic 4 defibrillator has ECG pacing through a 5 lead patient c ...

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Battery Support System II

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Battery Support System II for Defibrillator Units

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HeartStart XL Defibrillator

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An AED defibrillator, also known as an automated external defibrillator is an essential piece of medical equipment in a variety of types of environments. Typically a portable AED defibrillator can be found in schools, airports, larger public buildings, fitness centers, sports complexes and of course as a staple for first responders in emergency medical services. Portable AED defibrillators need to be lightweight, maneuverable as well as dependable since a person's life literally depends on their performance every time they are being used.


A portable AED defibrillator is designed for use by those with very limited or basic medical training, which may include a simple first aid class. They are also designed to have printed instructions within the unit that can be read and understood even if formal training has not been provided. This makes these types of portable AED defibrillators much different than the manual or semi-automatic defibrillators that are use in hospitals and emergency rooms. The portable AED devices do not work to start a heart that has stopped beating, but rather they can be used to correct irregular heart beat patterns that can occur for a variety of reasons.


Instructions can be provided in several formats depending on the model of the portable AED defibrillator. Typically instructions will be printed on a screen, similar to reading a computer screen or a text message. Many units also have a voice system that allows the machine to provide voice commands step-by-step for the user. A combination of voice and text is also possible and this option is ideal for areas where there may be a lot of background noise such as schools, community or fitness centers, airports or even public buildings. The machines that provide text information as well as voice prompts are highly suitable for first responders and emergency medical care since they will also prompt for additional facts and protocols for emergency staff. They also have computer type memories and capabilities for internet connection through USB ports.


Portable AED defibrillators that are fully automatic have several advantages over the more sophisticated devices used in hospitals and in some emergency medical response programs. Fully automatic defibrillators will automatically "read" the heartbeat and determine through a pre-set program if shocking is possible and the correct procedure. If the machine determines that shocking is the appropriate treatment, it will immediately charge the system and discharge the shock, without the operator having to read or interpret results from the electronic recording of the heart. Not only are these machines calibrated to determine if a shock is necessary, they will also determine what energy level is required and if subsequent shocks are appropriate.


Maintenance of a portable AED defibrillator will depend in large part on the model. Most will complete a full self-check every day to verify the connection to the pads, that software is functioning and that the battery is holding the appropriate charge. Typically most will also complete a full battery cycle test at least once a month to ensure the battery will charge and discharge within the specified time. Most portable AED defibrillators will use disposable, self-gelled and self-adhesive pads that are simply attached to the pad bases when the portable AED defibrillator is needed. After use they are removed and thrown away, with another set of pads used in the event of another emergency.


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