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Wound Cleansers

Headlines tell the tales of deadly drug resistant staph infections. These infections can come as a result of small cuts and scrapes that are improperly cared for. A simple prevention method to avoid infections, including drug resistant types, is to cleanse and bandage immediately any break in the skin that occurs. By cleaning out even the simplest cuts and scrapes with wound cleansers can be life saving. A selection of wound cleansers at is a small price to pay for the potential benefits.


The main use for our wound cleansers is by emergency rooms and doctor's offices. In these places, having wound cleansers on hand in our spray bottles. The advantage of spray bottles is the ability to adjust the flow from stream to mist, for either gentle or more directed rinsing of the wounds. There are many options available. These include saline wound washes . Most of our wound cleansers are in non-irritating formulas for the comfort of the patient, who might be less inclined to accept a painful treatment. Some of our wound cleansers can be vital additions to any first aid kits. There are many options that will be most convenient for home use. These include pre-moistened cleansing pads or wipes with antiseptic properties. Spray wound cleansers are mainly for use with large open injuries. The sprays are designed to rinse out debris, excess blood and pus from gaping cuts. These injuries should not be treated at home, and in their occurrence, a trip to the emergency room or physician's office is warranted.


There are other uses for wound cleansers besides primary rinsing. Sometimes a patient will have a dressing that needs to be changed daily, such as in cases of severe burns. Every time the old dressing is removed, the patient must have the affected area cleaned. This clears away pus which will likely have built up in the area. Many of our spray bottles have a gentle enough mist and non-irritating formulas that are well tolerated by patients.


Most of our wound cleansers customers are patients, or they are from clinics or small medical facilities. In those areas, budgets are often extremely tight, but needs are very high. Here at Medical Supplies Equipment Company we understand this. That is why we strive to make the best quality wound cleansers and medical supplies available to you for the lowest cost, and that cost is even lower for those in the medical arena. By signing up for our medical professionals discount you can save even more money. Please allow us one to two business days for processing your request before you order.


If you did not find the wound cleansers you are looking for, please post a question to our expert or contact us toll free at 1-877-706-4480, and we will find what you are looking for at the best possible price.