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Knee-Ease Pillow

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Knee-Ease Pillow - 7"L x 4"H x 5"W

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Econo Leg Spacer - 10 in. x 8 in. x 6 - without cover

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Core Leg Spacer

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Leg Space-Regular 10 x 8 X 6in

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Neck pain is a bane of many in modern society where bending over a desk or computer keyboard are common practices. It can come as the result of injury such as whiplash or a herniated disc or rise from a wearing down of the cervical vertebrae or the cushioning between them. Once damage has been done, a physician must be ready to take action to recommend to the patient the best course of treatment in order to prevent permanent harm that could be severely disabling. Steps ought to be taken by the patient around the clock for his well-being. -Any practitioner who is faced by a patient with unspecified neck pain will order a series of tests to determine the cause and hence the best course of treatment. All neck injuries must be cared for properly for complete recovery. This includes insuring that the patient's neck is kept in alignment both day and night. At night, the patient will sleep with a neck or cervical pillow support, and during the day he will wear a cervical brace collars . Not only will the correct support of the neck ensure that further harm is done, but it is also the best positioning for the patient's comfort. A cervical pillow neck support for sleeping will allow the patient to sleep better at night, and if he is better rested, he is less likely to bend his head over in fatigue during the day. It will be easier for the patient to keep himself from slouching if he is well rested.


Even if a doctor knows that he will prescribe a neck cervical brace and a neck support cervical pillow,  he must still make a careful diagnosis, especially in cases of unspecified neck pain. X-rays might be taken to look for damage to the vertebrae themselves, but if those turn up negative, an MRI might be ordered. This will be able to pinpoint nerve damage. Occasionally, the patient will remember a sudden jerking of his head just prior to the beginning of his neck pain. In this case the doctor is likely to examine his patient for whiplash, where the muscles or ligaments of the neck are strained, causing severe pain. These cannot be seen on X-rays and must be diagnosed through the use of a CT scan or an MRI. By looking for nerve and bone damage, the physician can see how much damage has been done.


Sometimes the neck pain is worse in the mornings, upon the patient awakening. If this is the case, the doctor might inquire as to the type of pillow on which the patient sleeps and his sleeping position. If the patient uses a flat pillow but lies on his side or back, his neck could be hyper-extended at night, leading to strain and pain in the morning. If such is the case, a support cervical neck pillow will prevent morning neck pain by keeping the neck from being bent over too far during the night. In a case such as this, prevention is the best method of treating the neck pain.


Any patient with neck pain might want to discuss the possibility of using a support neck pillow with his doctor to treat and prevent his pain. If the doctor consents, the patient should find a neck pillow for cervical support that is firm enough to not be flattened over time, and is comfortable for him to use while sleeping in his typical position. If it is a proper fit, the cervical pillow neck support can be a useful orthopedic device in treating and preventing daytime neck pain. Perhaps it will ease the pain so that the patient will not have to resort to wearing a cervical neck support collar during the day.


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