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Orthopedic Equipment

Various aches and pains of the body require the implementation of orthopedic equipment to help the body to heal. Among those regions that commonly need supporters or braces are the back and arm.


Injury to the spine is easy to prevent with the right orthopedic equipment , but back pain can be caused by diseases or deformities as well, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or scoliosis. These all have different roots, but all result in spine pain. Arthritis is a wearing of the joints from genetics or age, and osteoporosis is a breaking down of the bone that can lead to fractures and a reduction in stature. Depending on the location of the pain or fracture, the physician will likely recommend anti-inflammatory pain medications to be taken daily. He may also suggest that the patient seek a supporter for the back. There are also medical orthopedic supplies that can be used for pain relief in daily life. These include back supports to be used when sitting in a chair or positioning pillows to properly align the body during sleep. Scoliosis differs from arthritis and osteoporosis in that it is a curvature of the spine toward one side or another. Screenings are typically done for this deformity in school in the early teenage years when it begins to manifest itself. If it is caught soon enough, the doctor can prescribe the patient a posture corrector. This rigid equipment for orthopedic use hold the spine in proper alignment, and they must be worn continuously until the backbone begins to correct itself and grow properly.


Orthopedic equipment  is also commonly seen in use on all parts of the arm. Many people find it hard to imagine life without the use of an arm. From the shoulder to the finger tips, the human arm is one of the hardest working extremities. The joints are under constant pressure and use during daily activities such as typing, driving, carrying things, and gesturing. When an injury occurs or pain flares up and a part of the arm must be immobilized, the life of the patient is usually disrupted, but depending on the orthopedic equipment, that disruption can be large or small.


Wrist and hand pain can be caused by many things. Some of them are preventable, but some have their roots in genetics and nothing can be done to stop the pain, just ease it with orthopedic equipment. Arthritis and certain genetic diseases that affect the hand or wrist cannot be stopped. These result in daily pain and inflammation, making gripping and holding small objects especially difficult. This pain can be lessened by keeping the aching joint still with the use of equipment for orthopedic use. Injuries to the wrist and hand can also lead to pain. These could be a sudden shock, as in a sprain, or the cresting of cumulative strain, as in carpal tunnel syndrome. In some cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery might be done to repair the damage. Following the surgery, the wrist will be put into a splint to keep it immobile during healing, which can also be used in cases of severe arthritis of the wrist. Sprains, and occasionally arthritis, would be more likely to be wrapped in a wrist supports.


The applications of orthopedic equipment are as numerous as there are ailments, but with the proper support, the body can work with the equipment for orthopedics to heal itself.


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