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Luxury Spa Tables For Client And Patient Comfort

Spa tables are used in a variety of different settings and are designed to give a look and feel of comfort and luxury. There are a variety of different styles of spa tables available that do just that, which allows you to match the table design to your overall theme or décor. These tables can be used for massage therapy, patient relaxation between therapy sessions or for various types of out patient treatment procedures. Spa tables differ from traditional massage tables in several ways although both can be used for similar procedures.


Many tables will have the option for different height adjustments through adjustable legs. This is not the same as a standard treatment table that can be raised and lowered through an electric or hydraulic motor system, rather these spa tables tend to adjust manually to provide a comfortable height for both patients and therapists. Typical height adjustments are between 21 to 35 inches from the floor to the top of the table's surface. Widths can also vary but most standard tables are either 29 or 31 inches.


Unlike standard medical tables, the spa options will have very thick, medium to firm padding that can be up to four inches in thickness. The table itself can have several different options for adjustment including a backrest, seat, thigh and leg rest that can all be adjusted independently to comfortably support the patient as they are in a supine position on the table. Padded armrests provide a comfortable option in positioning the arms and shoulders.


Storage areas under the table are perfect for the therapists, providing easy access to commonly used supplies and equipment. Some of the models include an electric strip inside the cabinet space for easy illumination of the interior of the cabinet as well a readily accessible power source for any equipment.
Spa tables can also be designed to be flat, without the option to adjust the patient in inclined or reclined position. These types of cabinet style or open shelving styles of tables are functional and also traditional, ideal for patients and therapists alike. These flat spa tables can have a fully electric top that is controlled with a very easy to access foot control, ideal for providing comfort and accessibility to the table for the patient. These tables can be lowered to 25 inches from the floor and then raised to up to 37 for the comfort of the therapists. In addition, the heavy duty construction of the cabinet portion of these tables allows for a hot towel component to the cabinet. Power is supplied right at the cabinet through four different electrical outlets, ensuring that you always have access to any equipment that may be required.
Having luxury spa tables in your treatment rooms is a great way to show your clients and patients how valuable they are to you. These tables also come with outstanding warranties from the manufacturer including a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and five-year warranty on the upholstery and padding.