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Spa Massage Tables For Any Facility

Multi-function spa massage tables offer different use options for traditional therapists, massage therapists and other professionals that require a solid, durable and comfortable table to work with clients. The variety of features and options on the spa massage tables gives the therapist a wide range of choices in styles, designs and practical aspects to consider. Before selecting one specific type of spa massage table it is highly recommended that you browse around online websites and see just what is available. While you may decide to stay with the first table you considered you may also find that there is an even better model available that is still well within your budget and that will meet all of your massage therapy needs.


Spa massage tables that are designed for a multitude of uses aren't just bare bones models, often these tables are deluxe versions that are incredibly functional yet also streamlined and highly stylish in design. Many spa massage tables are designed ergonomically for both patient and therapist comfort. By choosing an ergonomically designed option the massage therapist will find that using the table, even on the busiest of days, still allows for comfort and being able to work without back and body strain. Spa tables that are lower quality and not designed with therapist comfort in mind can actually limit your ability to see a full schedule of clients per day without experiencing muscle fatigue and pain.
One important option to consider in spa massage tables is the convenience of electronic positioning of the table. This includes the lift and lower option as well as the tilt position for the back of the table. By using the corresponding hand or foot control to raise, lower and position the table there is less stress and strain on your own back or arms that you may experience with a crank operated table. In addition it adds a level of professionalism to your massage therapy session that your clients and patients will definitely appreciate.


Spa massage tables can be designed to be more table like in functioning and positioning options or more closely aligned to a recliner type of chair model. Both are good options for multi-functionality although the more upright positioned model may be more appropriate in a smaller office or therapy space. These models can be lowered into the chair position for easy patient access, then lifted and positioned more horizontally to allow the therapy to occur as needed. Armrests, headrests and the foot rest can be independently positioned for maximum comfort and ease of access to the patient.


Scissor base spa massage tables are more closely aligned with traditional types of medical tables. They are very safe for bariatric and larger patients with many models rated for weights up to 550 pounds. The lift is completely electric and works with the legs scissoring together to raise the entire table or scissoring apart to safely lower the patient. These are very practical, easy to clean and maintain tables that are an ideal addition to any therapy office and they have the additional features of being lower cost and more easily moved than the larger spa table models.