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Medical Imaging Equipment And Modern Medicine

Philips BV-300 C-Arm X-Ray

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Patient ready 1997 Philips BV-300 C-Arm Digital Xray

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Fluoroscan Premier Encore 2000/2006 C-Arm

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Patient ready 2000/2006 fluoroscan premier encore C-Arm

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2001 OEC 9800 ESP/Neuro-Vascular

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The OEC 9800 led the way for mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative ...

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With the many different advances in medical imaging equipment now available in clinics, hospitals and health care facilities a great number of conditions are now identified in their early stages and treated very effectively. Even just 20 years ago some of these conditions were considered to be life threatening, largely because early detection and treatment options were unavailable. Modern medical imaging equipment provides a non-invasive way for a medical team to actually see into the human body, providing diagnosis and treatment but also increasing the understanding of human physiology and health.

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging has led to a far greater understanding of how the body works, particularly the soft tissues of the body that previously couldn't be scanned and recorded. The medical imaging equipment used for MRI scans has changed dramatically over the years from very bulky and cumbersome devices to the advanced technology of today that is practical, scaled to size and highly accurate.


Using medical imaging in prevention of diseases such as breast cancer has really come to the forefront. Digital mammography provides a much less painful way to chart the breast and to search for any signs of pre-cancerous cells. Breast thermography, a new option in detection of cancer, uses digital infrared imaging uses specialized medical imaging equipment such as infrared cameras to detect any areas of increased blood flow in the breast tissue that can signal cancer or pre-cancer cell development. This medical imaging equipment is no longer just in research facilities, it is now available in many clinics and hospitals, providing the most accurate and early options for cancer detection.


Tomography is a unique type of imaging that also requires very specialized medical imaging equipment. Perhaps the most known of all types of tomography is the CAT scan, which stands for Computed Axial Tomography. This type of imaging uses X-rays to produce a two dimensional view of part of the body. CAT or CT scans are used in diagnosing many different conditions as well as for research purposes.


Ultrasound has also moved into the mainstream of medical imaging. No longer just for prenatal care, the system can be used to bounce high frequency broadband sound waves off the various tissues in the body. This unique non-radiation based method of developing images is ideal for studying organs in the body in real time, functioning rather than as a set image in time.


Three dimensions views of images using computer programs to develop the information obtained from medical imaging equipment are the latest tools in the doctor's repertoire. These three dimensional images can be developed from both CT scans as well as MRI information. Ultrasound images as well the MRI and CT images are developed into 3D images by using a serious of scans from different angles, then using a specialized computer program to create the holistic 3D image.


Advances in medical imaging and the medical imagining equipment needed to provide this accurate and amazingly detailed scans has really changed the face of most medical practices. New and upcoming advances will include smaller and lower cost systems and more computerized control to allow for very detailed pinpointing of particular areas of the body.


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