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The Benefits Of Used And Refurbished C-Arms

1999 Ziehm Exposcop 7000 C-Arm

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Ziehm exposcop 7000 is a multi-application system that provides solutions t ...

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2000 Fluoroscan Premier C-Arm

Item# 0002reimerPMET
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Patient ready 2000 fluoroscan premier C-Arm

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2002 OEC 9800 ESP C-Arm

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The OEC 9800 led the way for mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative ...

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There are many different reasons why considering used and refurbished C-Arms makes sense. Typically C-Arms are not going to be a heavily used piece of equipment, and their sturdy design ensures that they are both durable as well as very long lasting. Many hospitals, clinics and health care centers routinely upgrade their equipment, providing a wide range of used and refurbished C-Arms in excellent working condition at a fraction of the price of the newer models.


Since used and refurbished C-Arms are designed by the leaders in the industry, there  are several advantages to considering these units besides just a discounted price over a new model. The slightly older styles of C-Arms are still very efficient, plus they offer the same features you are already familiar with. After all, it the C-Arm you are using in your surgery, pain management or trauma work is comfortable for you and comfortable for the patients, there is really little need to start over with a model you may not be as familiar with.


When buying used and refurbished C-Arms there are several things to keep in mind. The most important is the actual year and model you are considering. Most dealers will clearly list the year in the descriptor of the equipment, so you can easily determine exactly how old the equipment you are considering is. Since there have been many advances since the inception of the C-Arm over 55 years ago, it is essential to know the age of the machine.


Other features to look for include the options that are going along with the equipment. Don't assume that the same options that you may have in buying a new C-Arm are also going to come with the equipment you are buying as used and refurbished. C-Arm accessories including the monitors, printers, patient keyboard or other features may or may not present on the refurbished model. Carefully check the various listings and always confirm if you have any questions about what equipment is included or is not included.


Used and Refurbished C-Arms are typical sold "as is". However, the listing should indicate if the equipment is in good working order when sold. Since a reputable company will verify that the equipment is in working order, you should have the same assurance as if you were buying a new model. In addition some companies offer a warranty option on their used and refurbished C-Arms, although this typically comes at an extra price. This small amount can be a great idea as a warranty provides you with protection as well as peace of mind.


One major benefit to buying used and refurbished C-Arm equipment is that you may be able to find a brand that you have been considering but have not had the funds or ability to purchase brand new. Buying a used and refurbished piece will allow you to try out the equipment, testing against the brands that you are familiar with. This can also provide opportunities for bringing in very specialized types of imagining and surgical equipment for your patients that you may not have otherwise been able to consider. 


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