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Scrub Hats: Boring Head Covering or Trendy Accessory

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As any medical professional knows, there is more to coming to work prepared than just getting a good night’s sleep.  Just like a construction worker grabs his hard hat for the day’s work and a restaurant employee has to have his or her hair net, making sure your headwear for the day is ready and in good condition is vital in many professions.  For those who work in a hospital or out patient clinic, scrub hats are a vital part of the work day.  They serve the purpose of keeping doctors’ and nurses’ hair out of the way for the professional as well as serving the safety purpose of protecting the patient.  Finding a hair in your salad is one thing; finding one in a surgical incision is quite another one.  Now that we have it established that scrub hats are essential, it’s important to know that good quality and even some individuality can make the experience of wearing a scrub hat a lot easier.


There is a difference between men and women’s scrub hats.  For one thing, many women have longer, thicker hair than their male counterparts and need a little more space and support from their scrub hats.  Another complaint that is common among female doctors and nurses about the traditional scrub hats is that they leave unattractive lines across the forehead from the elastic band.  Imagine going to lunch in the hospital cafeteria, running into the chief of surgery, talking about a possible promotion, and then finding out you were chatting with a forehead that looked like someone had clothes lined you.  For the ladies, the best way to avoid this problem is to wear a scrub hat with a wide front band.  No elastic means no forehead lines.  The elastic in the back will be just fine for keeping the hat in place and your hair out of the way.  Most scrub hats in this style also have adjustable cords so you can make your scrub hat fit you properly.


Men, on the other hand, are less likely to be concerned about something as minor as forehead lines, so many good companies worry about their comfort and appearance for them.  The biggest difference between a good men’s scrub hat and the ladies’ hats is the style.  While most women go for the bonnet style for more room for their hair, men tend to have the skull cap design.  The material sits closer to their heads and has long ties in the back for adjustability.  These scrub hats are also designed with only one layer of fabric at the crown of the head.  This feature helps to cut down on overheating under the harsh operating room lights. 


Both the men and women can have their scrub hats made in all kinds of fun patterns and colors.  You can decide to be as serious as you like or have a good time with this essential part of your uniform.  In many cases, you will find that patients appreciate knowing there is a real person working hard for them and your scrub hat can help show that. 


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