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Therapeutic Products

For a patient recovering from a major surgery or illness, time is one of the best medicines, but there are many things both the patient and physician can do in order to speed that process up. Often, there is a considerable amount of debilitating pain associated with the recovery process. Pain relief can be found through the use of medicines, but some patients do not respond well to these, or the side effects are so undesirable as to outweigh their benefits. These are the types of patients who might consider pain relieving rehab equipment such as can be found through electrotherapy.


Many patients do not associate electrotherapy as being an effective means of pain relief. They would prefer to stay with more traditional rehabilitation equipment for pain such as hot and cold therapy treatments and whirpools. The patient cannot remain in a whirpool tub throughout his recovery, but he can carry a portable TENS Unit to deliver a mild, pain easing electrical nerve stimulation. This brings the benefit of convenience to this form of electrotherapy. Another type of pain easement is massage therapy. This has also been shown in sports massages to help muscles to recover quicker after exercise or injury.