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Who Benefits From A Battery Powered Emergency Stair Chair

MS3C-330MC, Manual Stair Evac Chair, Weight Capacity 350lb

MS3C-330MC, Manual Stair Evac Chair, Weight Capacity 350lb

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Replacement Casters for MS3C Model Carts

Replacement Casters for MS3C Model Carts

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Confined Space Emergency Rescue Evacuation Chair

Confined Space Emergency Rescue Evacuation Chair

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Nobody but the most cynical of us sit around our kitchen tables contemplating what could happen when disaster strikes. A catastrophe can strike anyone at any time. It can be particularly challenging for those who are disabled. How can individuals that are confined to a wheelchair or have other mobility issues, leave their apartment, condo or home quickly? What is the best means possible for these individuals to get out and to do so safely?

While for some, a chair lift may seem the best feasible answer, others may question such an option. If the power fails, or the chair malfunctions, this leaves a mobility challenged individual in potentially dire circumstances. One potential life-saver is an evacuation stair chair. This is an independent battery powered emergency stair chair - specifically the MS3C-300TSB available from MSEC.

When Evacuation Is Essential

Many different types of natural disasters and other calamities often require evacuation. Fire is common, but, if you live in California, earthquakes are a potential threat as are tornados in Ohio and hurricanes in Florida. Moreover, since 9/11, the threat terrorists pose to various structures is real.

The potential risks for those who live in split-level, two-story homes, apartment buildings, and condos exist. However, the possibility for severe consequences increases if the residents are disabled. If a fire blazes in your residence or a power outage occurs, evacuation may be necessary. Leaving more than a single floor structure can be difficult enough during an emergency for abled individuals. Imagine the problems if you suffer from mobility issues.

If your apartment building or condo has an elevator, you will not be able to use it. If you have stairs with a chair lift in your home, it may not be functioning. In both instances, you will need a device that allows you to descend or even ascend stairs safely and swiftly. If you do not, you can be stranded, your life placed into jeopardy.

Who Benefits

If you live in an apartment or house, you quickly become aware of the issues involved going up and down stairs. While a stair lift can provide a solution, it may not be the right one. Installing stair or chair lifts can be expensive and take up a substantial amount of space. They are limited in what they provide. Moreover, if they run on electricity, they are of no use when a power failure occurs.

In an apartment, stair lifts are not financially feasible. However, evacuation chairs are. Evacuation chairs make it possible for those who live in places where stairs are communal to be able to negotiate the stairs. With the help of a caregiver, the MS3C-300TSB battery operated evacuation chair makes it possible to go up and down stairs both on a regular basis and during an emergency.

Such evacuation chairs are beneficial for two main users:

  1. The disabled individual
  2. The caregiver

These chairs are easy to use. A battery operated evacuation chair can be maneuvered by a single operator. 

Benefits of the MS3C-300TSB Battery Powered Stair Evacuation Chair

Those who work with the disabled on a regular basis – both formally trained and family caregivers, realize the intricate value of having this battery powered evacuation chair in their home. They know these innovative pieces of equipment are:

  • Easy to maneuver on a variety of staircase types without requiring specially designed chair lifts
  • Can descend numerous flights of stairs quickly, easily and efficiently
  • Have their own power, therefore reducing the need to rely on a power supply
  • Do not affect housing design interior or exterior
  • Easily accommodates a variety of housing options
  • Are lightweight in design for ease of use
  • Do not require any installation
  • Are compact and easy to store until used


Mobility challenged individuals know they can rely on their caregiver or any other individual to help them maneuver down one or more flight of stairs when necessary. This applies to both ordinary exits from their home and extraordinary ones during an emergency.  They understand the intrinsic worth of the device in making their job of caregiving easier for all concerned parties.


Choosing a Battery Powered Stair Evacuation Chair

When it is essential to move someone in a wheelchair or anyone with mobility issues down the stairs, it is imperative to have some means of being able to do so with ease. The method must combine certain features. While convenience is desirable, it is not the primary objective in selecting one of the several available evacuation chair options. The choice of a battery powered stair evacuation chair should primarily rely on two specific characteristics:

  1. The ability to reduce the chance for injury to the caregiver
  2. An assurance of the swift and safe delivery of the mobility challenged individual   

While selecting the right chair does need to take into consideration other related factors, the above two are primary in any decision-making process. When due consideration is given, the obvious choice – one that meets all the essential criteria, is the MS3C-300TSB battery operated evacuation chair.