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Tips For Developing Emergency First Responder Kits

Having emergency first responder kits at any workplace or job site is important for several reasons. The first is that they are typically required under OSHA and ANSI standards, and the second is that often the first few minutes after any type of injury are critical in the long term severity or even possible risk of loss of life due to the emergency. Having the right supplies in emergency first responder kits is essential for both safety and treatment.


Generally emergency first responder kits tend to be more extensive than basic first aid kits since there are such a range of possible accidents and emergencies the first responder may have to deal with. Often these kits are contained in larger bags that are semi-rigid in style and much easier to transport long distances with shoulder straps and padded hand grips. The bags are designed to have a large central compartment with variably positioned dividers as well as additional pouches and pockets on both ends as well as the sides of the bag.


The basic emergency first responder kits can come in several different sizes and depending on this aspect there may be additional equipment and supplies provided. Most basic kits will contain all the typical first aid kit supplies include several different sizes of bandages, sterile gauze in a variety of shapes and styles, antibacterial sprays and creams, scissors, tweezers, small splints as well as surgical tape and adhesives. As with all first aid kits a wide variety of styles and types of these supplies, particularly the gauze and bandages, will definitely be included within the kit.


The ability to sterilize and clean the wounds is always an essential component in all types of emergency first responder kits. Unlike typical first aid kits that contain a few alcohol wipes and perhaps some antibacterial spray, emergency first responder kits provide a range of options. These will generally include infection control types of pre-treated wipes, often with povidone-iodine solution, sterile saline eye wash, burn treatment gel and antibacterial treatments.


From these basics the emergency first responder kits will expand the possible treatment options available to the EMTs. This will include specific types of supplies. Instant cold compresses in a variety of sizes, typically at least one large and one small, will be used in treatments of swelling, broken bones and with specific types of burns and abrasions. Biohazard bags and equipment needed to deal with body fluids and blood at the scene of the emergency or accident will also be standard within the emergency first responder kits.


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